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The impact of University of Ӱԭ research and innovation is all around you. United in our belief that research can advance society, serve humanity, drive innovation, and build a better future, ​​​​we create and share knowledge in service to Ӱԭ, the nation, and the world.

Higher Education. Higher Purpose.

Our legacy of transformative research, teaching, and innovation was built through nearly 150 years of inspired collaborations. Today, we're focusing our collective strengths to solve big problems and create a better world.

Mighty Ӱԭ

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World-class Ӱԭ

The Office of the Vice President for Ӱԭ and Innovation (OVPRI) supports the university’s  and essential  and provides strategic investment, leadership, and vision for the university’s entire research enterprise.

OVPRI serves the faculty, students, and staff throughout the process of discovery and creative activity. We help researchers identify funding opportunities, particularly interdisciplinary initiatives that have high potential to attract external funding and catalyze community impact. OVPRI also oversees and coordinates the UO’s research proposal submissions, compliance, and contract and grant administration.


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Leading-edge Innovation

OVPRI encourages innovation and economic development through strategic partnering, technology transfer initiatives, and philanthropy. Working with investors and industry in mutually beneficial partnerships, we bring innovations born at the UO to the state, nation, and world.

A new launching pad for commercialization of discovery,  connects UO startups to sources of capital, leadership, talent, and infrastructure, smoothing the way from eureka moment to successful business.



By the Numbers

UO scholars and researchers secured a record amount of external funding support in the 2022 fiscal year. 

grants awarded to investigators
$180 M
external grant funding
AAU member in licensing per research $




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Accelerating Scientific Impact

The Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact is a hub of discovery and innovation where teams of world-class bioengineers, accompanied by outstanding students, are driving groundbreaking scientific research and providing interdisciplinary, hands-on training that equips the next generation of applied scientists with the skills to tackle real-world problems.


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Developing New Strategies for Youth Behavioral Health 

The Ballmer Institute for Children’s Behavioral Health is leading a bold new approach to improve the mental health of children and adolescents. The innovative bachelor’s program is training a new workforce to expand access to high-quality behavioral health supports in youth.

Through community-engaged research and practice, faculty and students at the Ballmer Institute are identifying new ways to support behavioral health and improve well-being for children and adolescents. The Ballmer Institute is poised to transform the Pacific Northwest into a national model of thought and action in children’s behavioral health. 

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Ӱԭ News

As featured in Around the O, read up on the latest research breakthroughs and cutting-edge innovations that are happening throughout our schools and divisions.
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Ӱԭ and Innovation

​​A top-tier public research institution, the University of Ӱԭ is the birthplace of knowledge and innovations that make a huge impact in the world every day.
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Hands-on Ӱԭ Experience for Students

is a vital part of the undergraduate learning experience at Ӱԭ. Administered by OVPRI, the encourages and supports students' research and creative scholarship in all academic disciplines, with an emphasis on equitable access to opportunities.

Our annual  showcases the research, scholarship, and creative expressions of UO graduate students across many disciplines. Ӱԭ is integral to all graduate programs, and OVPRI provides resources and assistance for those .